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RV Tonle Pandaw Angkor Cambodia Cruise



Food & Dinning


3 days 2 nights

2 days 1 night


Whilst the peace and tranquility of our passengers is our priority and many passengers prefer to read, write or engage in painting or photography we do offer a number of unobtrusive activities that have become a traditional part of any Pandaw river expedition. These include: cooking, fruit carving and napkin arrangement demonstrations; exploring local markets with our chefs; talks from our on board guides; film presentations, with documentaries on local history and culture as well as movies; tours of the working ship and many other activities. 

During the expedition there will be at least one cultural performance on board  whether the Royal Khmer Ballet in Cambodia, the Marionette Theater in Burma or Iban tribal dances in Borneo. On longer cruises there will be at least two performances per cruise.

There are a number of social events during an expedition which will include a welcome dinner, cocktail parties on deck, a farewell gala dinner and dinners themed with local menus and costume. In the Burma dry season we often tie up on a sandbank and have a barbeque beach party on the sands, usually around a bonfire in winter.

Currently only available on our Mekong ships, the Pandaw Spa offers head massage, foot massage and body massages in dedicated spa areas on each ship. Due to lack of space we only carry one spa lady on each ship so be sure to book in advance as they can be in good demand.

The Pandaw dining rooms are designed to open up along the sides and only at night do we close them up and use air conditioning.  We know our passengers want fresh air not chilled air. The new Katha and Angkor Pandaws, designed according to feedback from our passengers, actually have open air dining on deck. 

 We offer a great choice of local cuisine and exotic foods.  We source supplies as locally as possible, given environmental health regulations. Breakfast is a buffet whilst lunch has a buffet soup, salad and desert table with the main course served at the table and dinner is served at the tables. Passengers who do not like hot or spicy foods are offered European alternatives and vegetarians are well catered for. Special diets may be catered for by prior agreement. Our chefs know that the majority of passengers want to eat the best of each country they pass through.

• All meals are single seating 
• Table service is complimented with fresh salads, fruits and deserts (at lunch) on our buffet 
• Attire is smart casual 
• Breakfast and lunch are open-air 
• Dinners are candlelit and indoor dining rooms are air-conditioned 
• At least two theme dinners, in addition to our Farewell Gala Dinner

RV Tonle Pandaw


180ft / 55m

34ft / 10m

3ft / 90cm

66 pax

3: Main, Upper, Sun

2 x 400 bhp Cummins

Inboard Propulsion


Cell phones, Sat phones (where permitted by local authorities) VHF and SSB radio, internal phone system, PA system and tannoy system for navigation purposes.

Smoke detectors in all cabins and public places, emergency lighting and generator, fire pump, hydrants and hoses, fire extinguishers, life jackets for all on board and life rafts.

Navigation lights, ships horn, searchlight, GPS, Radar (where permitted by local authorities).

On board laundry, bakery, fully equipped galley and refrigeration units; air conditioning for all inside areas.

Treatment plants for desalination, desedimentation and purification using UV and osmosis.

Microbiotic treatment plants.

Myanmar DMA Inland Water (based on Lloyds Inland Water Class).

Country flags in areas of operation.

Ship Owners UK: P&I policies with over USD45 million per vessel.

28 per vessel of mixed Asian nationalities.

European expatriate experts employed directly by Pandaw Cruises supervising experienced Asian Pursers.

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