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Halong Emotion Cruise



Food & Dinning


3 days 2 nights

2 days 1 night


Halong Emotion offer you the various services on board :
• Massage – spa beauty service
• Traditional music: enjoying the Vietnamese culture by folk music
• Kayaking: exploring the bays islands by yourself
• Diving: Exploring the beauty under the water surface
• Swimming: one of the most joyous moment when you are in Halong
• Cooking classes: a chance to learn more about Vietnamese cooking style
• Taichi classes: A great way to greet a new day ( if weather permitted)
• Kite – flying


It is a warm and romantic atmosphere, will be the feeling you have when sitting by overlooking sea view window and being served in our restaurant. All the dishes are made of fresh materials in the coast.

Any taste of wine will be satisfied in the bar, which is located in the sundeck. And it is where you will have chance to watch the profession of our cook in barbecue.

Designed in the 1910’s Indochina style, the Halong Emotion offers the perfect mix in traditional elegance and modern comfort. Special attention has been paid to the decoration and interior of the junk.
It features 28 comfortable rooms, a dining room with sea view, a bar and a superb sundeck.

Year in operation: 2008
Length: 50m
Width: 10m
Floors: 3
Cabin: 28 luxury cabins
Spaces: dining room, bar, sundeck
Engine:  300 HP
Generator: 120 KW
Cruising speed: 18 km/h.

Halong Emotion Cruise

A steel built boat, interior covered by wood
Most of travelers once come to Halong Emotion Cruise think “ How they can make a such big wooden ship because they see only wood everywhere”.

No, all the structure of the ship is made in steel and we cover the interiors : cabins, restaurant, sundeck, corridor with the wood. A perfect securities setting, the boat can cruise as far as to the open see as the boat can stand well in the complicated wheather, its solidities can be compared to many inter-continental shipping. 

In Halong Bay, we are the ONLY boat to combine not only the EXTREME SAFETY and The undiniable CHARM.

Halong Emotion boat is designed and constructed parallel to sea tide system and Halong typical tide diurnal system and seasonal weather of Halong Bay . Below is the factsheet about safety of the Halong Emotion QN 4885: 

Year in operation: 08-08-2008
Length: 50m
Width: 10m
Hight: 3m
Water Level: 2,2m
Ballast tank: 08
Floors: 3
Cabin: 28 luxury cabins
Spaces: dining room, bar, sundeck
Engine: 300 HP
Generator: 120 KW
Cruising speed: 18 km/h.
Boat is designed to withstand waves up to 4 - 5 meters
Halong Emotion Cruise is constructed by 2 layers of steel covers and equipped with ship ballast water system
Max occupancy allowed is only 48 pax
There are 02 rescue boats on board with max number per transfer is 26 person
Each rescue boats are fully-equipped with fire safety tools, sink rescue tools.
There are 120 life jackets always on board
We have 3 floating pontoons which each can rescue for 12 person
There are 12 round floats on board, all the public places on the boat have instruction signs together with fire rescue tools and life jackets
Each rooms are designed with rescue door for emergency escape and numbers of life jackets for max room occupancy
Each room also equipped with fire alarm system and fire safety tool box

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