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Food & Dinning


3 days 2 nights

2 days 1 night



For an easier transfer, you can use our shuttle bus on a one way base (Hanoi/Halong or Halong/ Hanoi) as well as on a round trip base. Our shuttle bus 16 seats- Bus departs everyday as below timing:

* Ha Noi – Hạ Long depart at 7:30 at Thien Bao Office Building – 47A Le Van Huu St, Hai Ba Trung District, Ha Noi

* Hạ Long – Ha Noi departs at 12:00 everyday at Victory café –Hon Gai Hạ Long International Tourism Port.


Located at the boarding pier, Victory Coffee is a pleasant place to stay for a short while, waiting for your boarding.You can enjoy some snacks and drinks on our terrace under nice trees. You can also connect internet for free.


In case of late arrival or early departure from the cruiser, We always have available and secured tender.Depending of the program, we can arrange a tender transfer for a special visit you intend to make.
Please contact us if you have any enquirement for tender.


It’s really interesting rowing a kayak to explore original islands and caves on Ha Long Bay.
You will feel closer to the nature and amazed by your own exploration that will give you full satisfaction.


If you are interested in Vietnamese cuisines. Please join our cooking class demonstration
Our chef will share with you some secrets to prepare very nice Vietnamese food. You can also taste it yourself.


Let’s try to catch some squid and enjoy what you took after being guided by our crew members.


You can join our Tai Chi class every early morning with our coach to relax and breath fresh air on the deck during the sunrise.


We always meet your expectation for relaxation by proposing spa & massage services.
These help you to recover your energy after a long day exploring. Please contact our consultant for proper services.

                 * Our massage services are just available on Victory Star Cruise

For other boats please contact us to arrange when you want to book for this services


  http://baithojunks.com/vn/uploadfile/Kayaking.jpg  http://baithojunks.com/vn/uploadfile/Cooking_Class.jpg   http://baithojunks.com/vn/uploadfile/Spa__Massage.jpg  


  • Conference and seminar
  • Party on the beach 
  • Music Concert
  • Party in cave
  • Wedding ceremony
  • Any other events…






Ha Long Bay is well known not only a Natural Word Heritage and a unique destination to tourist but also an ideal place to host some important social events. With natural created and inspired and beauty, several caves and a long white sand beach in Ha Long are very remarkable places to attract visitors and MICE organizers as well.






Having a professional team, we always come up with some new ideas, explore and design some new tour programs that surely can make the MICE organizer happy. With a very strong experience in organizing MICE group for other travel agents and organizations, we can give some events or outdoor parties at Trong Cave, Titop Beach, Fishing village or dining on a raft on the bay or at some beautiful beaches for 10 to 500 guests.

Furthermore, we can organize and consult some group activities like team buildings on the beach such as boat racing, kayak, cooking competition or Taichi. 



Let’s do something new and different! Change your normal party or conference on mainland to doing it on a cruise or staying on our luxury cruise replaces for staying at the hotel.

We are always by your side to create new concepts for your events. We are looking forward to welcoming you to the next event on board.


Baitho Junk cruise is a collection of fabulous standard 3 star cruises. The cruises offer travelers multiple routes for both relax and adventure cruise in Halong Bay.
For 20 years experienced, Bai Tho Junk has it own reputation worldwide. The cruise team includes boat day boat excursion and overnight junks.

All junks designed and constructed in rare anti mosquito. Perfect facilities are maintained in good condition for the best services and safety. 

On every each Junk of Bai Tho Cruise, we reserve space sundecks, cabin floor,entertaining space and safely facilities.

Junks currently serve travelers  in all size of group with boat of 7 cabins, 8cabin, 10 cabins, 12 cabins, 15 cabins and 18 cabins.


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