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Food & Dinning


3 days 2 nights

2 days 1 night


Banqueting and event planning services

Ha long Bay is the perfect destination for events such as weddings, birthday parties, meetings, holidays in romantic beaches or in cave with sparkling candlelight. Aphrodite Cruise is proud to be a good event planner, leave the guests to memorable experiences.
Seeing sunrise in Ha long Bay

On the contrary to the sunset, the sunrise over the bay is very slow. We just can see a flickering glow in the east; a little sunshine that soon bores through the mountain rocks is fragile, frail and then disappeared. The tourists wait for the sun rising over the rock mountains, it is too late then.
The weather from the middle of the Fall to the end of the Spring, especially on thick fog day, the surface of the Bay is covered with a layer of vaporous white fog. We can hear what the others are saying but can not see each other. When the boat is traveling sluggishly in floating white fog, and vaporous shadows of mountains around, the tourists seem to gently fly in mythical space…
In bright moon night, the water surface of the Bay is full of moonlights, the rock mountains seem to be more yellow; in the distance, few small fishing boats release mesh…. The lyrical scenery makes all the senses and emotions of everyone be awakened. 

Services - F & B

Aphrodite Restaurant and Bar are places of meeting and talking with others. The restaurant combines tradition and freshness of Asian cuisine with the culinary tastes of the West. Our menus are the result of a creative European and Vietnamese fusion that crosses traditional gastronomy boundaries.

In an atmosphere of elegant luxury, you can enjoy sumptuous buffets and delicious menus, fine dining at its best. A wide selection of the best vintages from around the world will compliment and enhance the flavors of the selected dishes.

The restaurant and bar are located on the 3rd deck.
Breakfast: buffet 06.30 AM – 09.00 AM
Lunch: buffet 1.00 PM - 2.30 PM
Dinner: set menu 7.00 PM - 8.30 PM
Apart from the perfect beauty presented from the nature, Ha long is also the home of hundreds of fishes. They are necessary and sufficient conditions to make you pleasant to go fishing. How wonderful it is that you can enjoy the blue sky, clouds, mountains and fresh water while fishing in Ha long Bay. This activity always brings you a lot of excitement and interests. There are many fishes in Ha long bay. Fishes often caught by the tourists are Garrupa, grouper, ect. There are also plentiful of fishing baits in which are often used such as limuloid liver, shrimp, lean pork paste, and rice-cake, so on.
There are so many fishing romantic places in Ha Long Bay such as Ti top Island, Cong Do Pond, even when you come to visit some fishing villages; it is easy to catch some gluttonous fishes if you sit right beside the fish cages. Differing from Hanoi and other places, when you go fishing in Ha Long Bay, you do not have to pay fee for services; in addition, you can also enjoy the poetic beauty of the natural wonder.
Once to try to discover Ha Long Bay by fishing on Aphrodite Cruiser, you will experience enough all kinds of fun, and then you will understand the reason why so many people are interested in fishing like that and how wonderful Ha Long Bay is. 


You are totally able to maximize your experiences when you in essence  become the owner of your own private yacht for the duration of your charter. You can indulge in pleasure to discover the beauty of Halong Bay in your own way as well as travel to anywhere and at any time you like without being bothered by anybody.           

A trip to Halong Bay with is perfectly organized according to your wishes will allow you to discover the entire beauty of Halong Bay. You can visit the most beautiful caves in Halong Bay and Bai Tu Long and floating fishing villages to capture the cultural diversity of the local fishermen. Moreover, you can have an opportunity to experience pleasure with kayaking or swimming in fresh sea water, or leisurely sunbathe on beautiful white sandy beaches along the deserted islands in Halong Bay.

Aphrodite Cruises are eager to cater the most professional, high-quality and suitable  services for all the tourists. To get more information about this service, please contact our staffs for specific advice.
Squid fishing

Night squid fishing must be the most wonderful pleasure of the night journey on Ha Long Bay. Aphrodite Cruiser will shine bright lights into the sea to attract squids to the surface. Tourists are provided with fishing rods and racquets so that they can actively use them to catch squids. Tourists must be excited to clearly see light-drunken shoals of squids lazily hovering around; and, step by step each squid is enticed and picked up, remaining totally fresh and striving convulsively. Especially, during the squid season, it would be common to see large shoals of squids surrounding the cruiser and each tourist may catch an average of 30 squids for each squid fishing night. Without any delay, fresh squids are soon boiled to serve as sweet drinking food for fishers.
Foreign tourists are extremely fond of boiled whole squids because when eating, they can enjoy the interesting feeling of ink line breaking out pitch-black in the mouth, splashing all over the face and taking pictures. The tourists eat while singing Karaoke and dancing. In alcohol yeast, everyone becomes enthusiasm and excited singers and dancers.
Usually, few guests come back their rooms before 2 am because they have only one night on the boat on the sea. In wonderful weather day, the sea at night becomes completely quiet, the water surface is flat as a big mirror. There are tens of scattered boats parked in the area of Bo Nau Cave; one leans against the cliff, the other drops anchor in the middle of the Bay ...; all of them are bright up and look like a luxury floating city on the sea

and Sauna has been created as a temple dedicated to wellness. It incorporates the principles of Feng Shui using air and water elements which will delight you. Our aim is to offer our guests a new kind of Spa experience, which is truly holistic,tailor-made and designed to rejuvenate and energize.

   Offering an unrivalled range of treatments to choose from, our expert beauticians and therapists can advise and guide you through your body and beauty care.
   Therapeutic quality essential oils are the basis of the aromatherapy skincare products used for the majority of the face and body treatments. We also place great importance on the relaxation element of the spa experience. Prior to or after their treatments, guests can stay in the Spa and enjoy the dry sauna and Jacuzzi whilst sipping on complimentary ginger or jasmine tea, the signature of Aphrodite Spa.

Aphrodite Spa Services include (list not exhaustive)
+ Aromatherapy Massage
+ Traditional Vietnamese massage          
+ Traditional Thai Massage
+ Warm stone massage
+ Asian Style foot massage
+ Western reflexology
+ Back, head, shoulder relaxation
+ Facial Beauty Care
  + Traditional Body Scrub
+ Exhilarating Exfoliation With Ginger
+ Wake up Exfoliation
+ Body Wrap 
+ Manicures
+ Pedicures

Cooking class
   Food and travel are often associated. Many tourists want not only to enjoy regional specialties through their journey but also to discover the secrets of cuisine and cook by themselves during the tour. Attending cooking class to discover traditional Vietnamese food on romantic Aphrodite Cruise in Ha long Bay, the tourists will have unforgettable memories. Foreign visitors visiting Vietnam are interested in learning how to make rolls (fried spring rolls or rice paper spring rolls), Pho (Noodle Soup), Bun (Rice vermicelli) and salad roll. Vietnamese tourists are fascinated in learning how to cook Vietnamese typical dishes which varies greatly from region to region. Southerners like to use coconut milk, lemongrass, chili and the dishes are often sweet and sour. People in Centre of Vietnam like spicy, that extremely spicy will touch every foot of your hair and variety of special sauces. The North has many four season’s dishes which become Vietnamese national spirit and characteristic. Cooking class rises your love of discovering food and culture of each Vietnamese region and village whenever you join in a cruise in Ha long Bay with Aphrodite Cruise.
Visiting fishing village

Tourists especially foreign tourists who travel to Ha Long in recent years often choose the type of travel to visit floating fishing village. From Bai Chay Jetty, travel toward Northeast about 30 km, Aphrodite Cruiser will take the tourists to some famous floating fishing villages where you have many opportunities to explore the daily life of the local fishermen living in the Bay such as Ba Hang, Cua Van, Vong Vieng, Cong Dong, ect. Floating houses are side by side, lean the backs against the cliffs and are connected by a small bridge or a boat. You can spend a night with fishermen, fishing squids, catching fish, sharing weal with them and enjoying the floating life on the sea. 
You are not only delighted at bathing in fresh blue water but also ask the fishermen about where the coral reefs and expanses of seaweed is observed 10m from the water surface to explore; swim to small island to become a Robinson for a few hours, even to climb rock mountains in the centre of the Bay. Sometimes, stretching your body and totally relaxing yourself among the fish cages, listening to sound of the surfing waves, the cheering wind or the dar beating on the side of the boat will give you a lot of impressive and unforgettable moments.
As a potential new travel product, visiting fishing village tours leave a deep impression on visitors to Ha Long Bay, which is not only obsolutely beautiful but also contains a lot of special cultural values.

Seeing Sunset in Ha long Bay
Traveling with Aphrodite Cruise, the tourists will have unforgettable memories of astoundedly seeing the falling sunset and the breaking dawn and surprisingly discovering lots of caves, capturing the daily life of fishing village and animatedly fishing squids in the mantle of darkness.
Sunset on Halong Bay often falls down very fast, faster than anywhere because the Bay is surrounded by quite a lot of high mountains, sunlight is obscured even when the sun is quite high in the sky. When the dark falls down elsewhere, in the Bay, gloominess and cold air from the mountains and cliffs are just felt.
In order to see the sunset, visitors often climb to the top of Titop island. With an elevation of about 200m above the water this mountain is high enough to stretch your eyesight across the Bay. But even when standing on the top of Titop mountain, you still feel that the twilight “is surfing" quickly. From mountain top, the vision is clearer and wider but it is still difficult to see the Sun slowly hidden behind the horizon line. This is the reason why residents living in the Bay often say "the sunset still can not be seen yet, the night is let down".
Sea bathing
In hot summer days, nothing is more wonderful than bathing in the sea. Apart from cruising in Ha Long Bay on Aphrodite Cruiser, you can sunbathe on more than 100 long sand beaches on the small islands in the Bay. These places are suitable for the tourists who like original beaches that are not crowded as other beaches along the coast. In addition, if you have time, you can visit Co To island to bath in the fresh sea and observe extremely beautiful coral reefs in the Bay. After bathing in pleasure, the tourists come back the Cruiser and enjoy cool glass of water on the boat Sundeck, welcome gentle gust of sea wind blowing on their faces. This is one of the most comfortable and unforgettable moments during the cruise.
Doing morning exercises
In the early morning, when the sun rise by the flickering glow in the east, a little sunshine that soon bores through the mountain rocks is fragile, frail and then disappeared, it is time for Tai chi exercises to start on the sundeck of the boat. The guidance of the teacher combines with the fresh air in early morning will be the great dose from the nature to give you more strength to welcome a beautiful day. And then, breakfast in the restaurant with a cup of coffee leaves you many emotions on Aphrodite Cruise, on Ha Long Bay Heritage beauty which makes the tourists remember perpetually even when the cruise ends and they must come back to the present

Services - F & B
 Aphrodite Restaurant and Bar are places of meeting and talking with others. The restaurant combines tradition and freshness of Asian cuisine with the culinary tastes of the West. Our menus are the result of a creative European and Vietnamese fusion that crosses traditional gastronomy boundaries.
 In an atmosphere of elegant luxury, you can enjoy sumptuous buffets and delicious menus, fine dining at its best. A wide selection of the best vintages from around the world will compliment and enhance the flavors of the selected dishes.

The restaurant and bar are located on the 3rd deck.
Breakfast: buffet 06.30 AM – 09.00 AM
Lunch: buffet 1.00 PM - 2.30 PM
Dinner: set menu 7.00 PM - 8.30 PM 

Aphrodite Supreme

Aphrodite Supreme is the first vessel of Aphrodite Cruises (VIT Ha Long Company Limited), which began operations in 2011 to cater for visitors sightseeing the Ha Long Bay area. This vessel is the result of the combination of traditional ship building and modern techniques and facilities. This vessel includes luxurious cabins decorated in European style combined with modern western comfort.
The vessel is 41m in length, 9m in width with 17 cabins, Aphrodite restaurant located on the 3rd deck, private Massage and Spa and Sauna area. Guests will be able to select one of 17 wide cabins with modern facilities on 1st and 2nd deck. Foreign as well as domestic guests will be pleased with the many interesting leisure activities, and the glorious splendor the Bay has to offer, ensuring our guests have the most memorable time. Sipping a glass of fine wine at the bar, and tantalizing the taste buds to the local Asian dishes or European cuisine served while you cruise the Bay. On the 4th deck guests can watch the sunrise, bathing under the sunlight of the dawn or watch as the sun sets on the horizon while relaxing and taking in the scenic wonders of the Bay.

Guests can also take part in cooking class, game playing, sea-kayaking, reading, relaxing massage, spa and sauna, squid fishing. …
Furthermore, guests on request at time of booking can organize meetings, festivals, birthday party or conferences on the beach or in a cave. We can organize events to cater for your needs. Inspire your company’s teamwork or conduct corporate business while relaxing and taking in the picturesque scenery.
We are also equipped with a high speed launch which will transport our guests to the special locations safely and conveniently. Our guests will be accompanied to these places of interest by our enthusiastic experience staff. They will answer any question that you may have and will give you tour information about the location. 

Aphrodite Cruise would be delighted to welcome you to discover Ha Long Bay.
 Facilities and Services
● Program and Cruise Itinerary
● In-house English speaking Tour guide
● Luxury cabins with A/C
● Luxury en-suite bathroom
● Jacuzzi bath (for VIP room)
● Hairdryer, bathrobes slippers
● In-house telephone
● Mini-bar for all cabins
● 32 inches TV
● DVD, music loudspeaker
● Karaoke
● Restaurant, bar, relaxing and sunbathing
   area on the sundeck
● Full-board meal
● In-cabin services (snacks)
● Wine, beer & cigar selection

  ● Complementary kayaking, swimming
   and snorkeling equipment
● Vietnamese cooking class
● Beauty services and massages
● Tai Chi demonstration
● Souvenirs shop
● Relax activities: watching TV, playing chess,
   squid fishing…
● Meeting and conference facilities and equipment
   (charter only)
● Traveling programs for special themes
   (charter only)
● Special relaxing activities (charter only)
● Safety Facilities and First-Aid Equipment
● Transportation by high-speed board
● Professional English-speaking local crew
   and high-quality foreign management

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