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Your travel satisfaction goes beyond with us when you go through procedure

1, Finalize:

Finalize your travel idea, and travel style, your time of vacation and accommodation and your dream destinations, members in your tour, and travel taste.

2, Deal with our expert:

Check your idea by contact our Travel Expert via email, or chat on skype, email or on phone. To check out the future package services you wish to reserve. Discuss to take note the useful consultancy from our expert. Correct the final brief information. Final talk with our expert for last question.

3. Refine itinerary:

your to make official tour.  Our expert answer all question about your services until you are properly satisfied with itinerary and tour price.

4. Make confirmation:

When you are satisfied with all the arrangements, we require you to complete a booking form and pay a deposit of 30% to 50% of the total cost of your trip.

5. Follow up in touch

When you have more question and demand arise. More additional services can be book up on your request during your trip running. Feel free to contact your same expert 24 hours  prior departure and until the end of your journey.

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