GREENCANAL INC was founded with a solid foundation since 2006 in Hanoi Vietnam. Formerly GREENCANAL Vietnam Trade and Tourism Co., Ltd.

Tourism service business activities reach 500,000 customers annually. Since 2014, the company has established legal entities under its business operation to expand into Real Estate Tourism, Industrial Services and Export Agricultural Products.

In 2018, merged and established GREENCANAL INC in the United States, unified business management system under GREENCANAL INC swimming supervision management and proceeded to establish other business systems in the United States, Vietnam and other countries. other.

Is a multi-sector private enterprise system operating mainly in the United States and Vietnam. We are currently doing business focusing on core areas including:

– Trade in tourism services

– Agricultural and imported seafood

– Industrial services

– Investment services and investment consulting

 We aim to bring our customers international quality products and services. Bring the perfect experience when using our products and services.