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Why travel with GREENCANAL TRAVEL travel?

Travel is such a precious purchase. Part relaxation, part education, part life-enriching experience, it can be the culmination of a lifelong dream. Here are reasons why Green canal Travel is the best choice to deliver on your expectations.

- Experience

We’re delighted to be supporter for national travel industry development and known for being best specialists. Start-ups are great in the tech industry, but personal connections and in-depth regional knowledge take time.

- Reputation:

Over 75% of our business is repeat or referral, a testament to our substance. It’s something we’ve earned over time, and we thank our travelers for spreading the word.

- Partners:

We are proud to work with top travel organisation such as JATA…. It’s a testament to the high quality of our services.

- Support:

Enjoy toll-free phone and email access to an expert Travel Specialist, and reading, medical, cultural, packing and insurance information. We’ve got an open-door policy and all necessary ducks in a row.

- Security:

We’re in constant contact with our in-country partners while you’re traveling. If something should go wrong with your health, well being or arrangements we’re on it. Peace of mind is a priceless commodity, included in every Green Canal Travels trip.

- No Regrets:

You might only visit a destination once in your life; make sure you do it right. No spin. No gimmicks. Just a group of experts at a quality company, ready to deliver on a promise.

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